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Bienvenida a tu casa en mexico

Located in the best destinations of Mexico, Catemaxca is a vision of luxurious vacation homes born from the love of architecture and the outdoors.


A place where the human spirit and nature can coexist. A space without barriers and without concrete walls. Situated in some of the most beautiful Mexican natural landscapes, Catemaxca homes are founded on the concept of connection, lineage, and cultivating meaningful experiences with authentic culture and land immersion.


Our intention is to cultivate a deeper connection with the land on which we build, honor the lineage that came before us, and create an immersive experience with our guests and the local community. Through sustainable building practices and ethically sourced materials, we thrive to create eco-friendly and authentic experiences for our guests, all while supporting the local land, community and culture.


"There aren’t quite words to describe the magic of a Catemaxca experience. There's an abundance of beauty, luxury, and a deep sense of connection to the land, people and culture. A trifecta that fuels inspiration, rejuvenation, and being a part of something far greater than ourselves"

- Leila, Catemaxca guest

Immerse yourself in the jungle of Tulum, the pine covered mountains in Monterrey, or the crystal clear waters in Baja.

Join the journey to creation and discovery of Casa Nati, Casa Victoria, and Casa 44



Especializado en proyectos off grid buscando unir la sustentabilidad y una  
atmósfera de diseño mínima para acentuar el entorno natural como principal protagonista,
y lograr así espacios en equilibrio y armonía. 
Uno de sus proyectos en la Riviera Maya fue seleccionado para un programa de TV llamado Tiny Paradise transmitido en en HGTV.

Specialized in off grid projects seeking to unite sustainability and a minimal design atmosphere to accentuate the natural environment as the main protagonist, and thus achieve spaces in balance and harmony. One of his projects in the Riviera Maya was selected for a TV show called Tiny Paradise broadcast on HGTV.


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