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Nora, the founder and visionary of Catemaxca, is a Mexican-American mother, wife, dreamer and doer. After falling in love, having children and building a business with her husband in the United States, at the age of 44 Nora decided to pursue her own calling to create Catemaxca. In honor of her own Mexican lineage, and her deep connection to her grandmother, Nora named the mother brand of the 3 villas "Catemaxca," her maternal family's name.

Catemaxca is built on the foundation of reconnecting with nature, new beginnings, and honoring generations that came before us. Building sustainable homes that keep the surrounding areas in mind, support the local people, and tie in the culture and history are the three pillars behind each Catemaxca Casa. Nora understands that luxury spaces can co-exisit with the natural elements to inspire guests to reconnect to the earth and have an immersive experience with the local culture.

Nora is grateful to the spirit in the land and lineage that have inspired Catemaxca and will continue to bring connection, inspiration and rejuvenation to all of Catemaxca's guests to come.

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