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A bit off the beaten path,  Casa 44 is nestled in between the turquoise waters and the terracotta desert rocks of Baja California, Mexico.  This home represents love and creation, inspired by the owner’s personal life. Falling in love with someone from this area of Mexico she felt a deep magnetic pull to emigrate and build a luxury sustainable villa in the dry desert landscape that Baja California is Known for.


At 44 years-old, the owner followed her calling and took a leap of faith to bring her dream to life and create Catemaxca. Casa 44 symbolizes courage and new beginnings. Casa 44 will be built with the natural surroundings in mind - integrating the terrocatta stone and desert elements throughout the villa to maximize connection to nature. 


"Honoring ancestry and the spirit of the land"

Casa 44 will be built with sustainable building practices, modern architecture, and incorporating the beauty of it's surroundings throughout the villa. The wonders and beauty of the burnt orange desert and crystal clear waters will be right at your doorstep. Casa 44 opens it's doors to guests to tap into love, new possibilities and soak in all that Baja California has to offer.

Image by Amy Humphries
Image by irvin Macfarland
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