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Located in Monterrey,  Mexico.  This home represents modernity, emerging, and rebirth.  Casa Victoria is named after the owner's Grandmother through her father’ side, whose lineage comes from Spain.  This home represents modernity, industrialism, the blending of two cultures, Spain and Mexico.  Monterrey is known for being a highly industrialized and modern city, settled in the beautiful Mountain range called Sierra Madre. 


Surrounded by pine trees, Casa Victoria hovers over the forest in a luxury floating industrial container creating a feeling of freedom and disconnection from the hustle and bustle. Casa Victoria brings the outside in through massive windows on all sides. Standing in a stunning cathedral of soulful trees, this is an experience like no other.


"You are truly one with nature with all the modern amenities at Casa Victoria. Waking up to brilliant pine trees and sunlight pouring in through passive windows, this truly creates the feeling of a luxury treehouse floating in the mountains."

- Zo, Life & Style

Casa Victoria opens it's doors for guests to experience the rich contrast of Monterrery's industrial city with the stunning mountainous terrain, and luxurious modern amenities. Casa Victoria is a hidden paradise situated in the tranquil pine forest, just minutes away from all of the action.

Mountain Fog
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